Pocket Spinner EDC - Binary Fusion

Pocket Spinner EDC - Binary Fusion

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[ NOTE: We are out of Copper / Flats & Steps buttons! ]

Always carrying something around? Clicking a pen or flipping a coin? Our Binary Fusion hand spinner is purpose-built for your needs!

Featuring crisp modern angles blended with eye-pleasing curves and lines, we've designed a piece that will immediately find a place in your every day carry!

Each piece is CNC milled from solid metal, creating a durable spinner that can take the knocks and drops you have in store for it. The miniaturized hybrid ceramic bearing was custom spec and ordered directly from a world-leading supplier of performance bearings. This is not a grocery-store skate bearing. Stainless steel deep-groove raceways hold Silicon Nitride ceramic balls, shielded with steel flanges to protect from everyday pocket crud. Your spinner will stay in peak condition for many years!

Order additional buttons to swap out colors and contrast!

Length: 1.9" 

Height: 0.375"
Spin Time: 3:00+ (brass body)


Brass (36g)
The standard by which other metals is compared - hefty but eminently carry-able. The golden hue of brass adds an elegance to your kit that can't be dismissed. Slowly changing colors as it ages, the darkened appearance of a well-carried piece is impossible to duplicate.

Copper (39g)
There is only one red metal in the known universe! The rosy glow of each copper piece distinctly reflects this unique property. This dense metal makes for a long firey spin!

Stainless Steel (34g)
Stonewashed stainless is a classic! The weight of this spinner feels reassuring in your hand, always ready to use. Stainless offers a zero-maintenance spinner for any active carry. No need for touch-ups, polishing, or brighteners. It will look the same in 5 years as the day you receive it.

Titanium (19g)
Light and quick, Titanium is for the fidget-obsessed! Not built for long spin times, a Titanium spinner encourages tactile and visual exploration, catching the light against its flame-anodized colors and stimulating soft curves. The stonewashed surfaces are pleasing and gentle to the fingers.

Zirconium (27g)
Stealth is the name of the game! Zirconium [Zr] is element #40, a ductile metal with many similarities to Titanium including light weight and high strength. Infamously known for its matte-black flame-anodized form made popular by high-end knife makers. Few makers utilize this metal due to its dangerous pyrophoric nature during machining!

We use a TUMBLED & BRIGHTENED finish; all the machining marks are removed and the metal has a slightly speckled pattern. In particular, tumbled finishes hide minor scratches better. This is the only finish we offer at this time.

We hand-balance and spin each piece for quality assurance.  This includes spinning the buttons, checking for table-spin clearance, and spinning on one finger.  If your order fails to spin on arrival, contact us for a return!

The buttons unscrew to allow easy access for cleaning the bearing, or changing the color of your buttons.

9-minute spin: https://youtu.be/mGRbxhZ4qNg

I stand behind my products and want every customer to be satisfied!

If your spinner fails to work on shipment, or acquires damage due to dropping, etc. I can repair or replace the spinner, bearing, buttons, etc. Contact me for support!