Replacement Buttons

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[NOTE: We are out of Copper / Flats & Steps buttons!]


Want to swap out buttons? Add some character or replace damaged pieces with new buttons for your spinner!

Available in Brass, Copper, and Stainless. These buttons disassemble easily by unscrewing, allowing access to clean the bearing more thoroughly.

These buttons are 0.74" diameter, with a 5 mm arbor (designed to fit a 5xNx4 series bearing) and secured with a 4-40 threaded set-screw. These buttons will fit larger bearings, but you may need to supply a washer, a longer screw, and a spacer to thicken the arbor.

For example, small strips of tape could be wound around the arbor to thicken it for a R188 bearing.

Note that the washer is required for any bearing whose inner race is wider than the small step at the base of the arbor of these buttons.

I cannot guarantee compatibility with other bearings or spinners, do your research!