Love's Dozen Tri-Metal Burr Puzzle (6 mm series)

Love's Dozen Tri-Metal Burr Puzzle (6 mm series)

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This burr is very special - not only is it the highest level 6-piece burr possible, requiring 12 moves just to remove the first piece, but it is the ONLY burr with level 12!

"Love's Dozen" is named after it's late designer Bruce Love, who designed it manually with paper-and-pencil.  Some years later, Bill Cutler wrote software to explore all possible 6-piece burrs and discovered that Love's Dozen is the only burr at level 12.  Unfortunately, there are other ways to put the pieces together into a burr shape, only one of which is level 12.

Some smart puzzle designers then discovered that if you carefully assign 3 different colors for the 6 pieces, the only solution that keeps the colored pairs together is the desired level 12 solution!

This burr is the pinnacle of puzzle design and lore!

About the Pieces:

We have designed our burr pieces to interoperate not just with the other 5 pieces in the puzzle you purchase, but with ANY piece we produce in the same series!  This means you can start your collection with a single burr puzzle, and add individual pieces or entire sets later, assured they will all fit together.

These burrs use "6 mm series" pieces, which means each little 'cubie' is nominally 6 mm center-to-center.  These are length-6 pieces, so their approximate total size is 0.5" (12 mm) wide and 1.5" (36 mm) long.


If you order pieces from us for the same series (even years apart!) and they don't interoperate, you can return them and we will repair or replace the pieces free of charge.  Your collection can grow at YOUR pace.

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