Custom Burr Pieces - 6 mm series

Custom Burr Pieces - 6 mm series

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This listing is for CUSTOM-CUT burr pieces - you pick any constructible burr piece, including general pieces with inner corners!

Tell Me Which Piece Number!

Please use the "burr piece number" app on Rob's Puzzle Page to identify which pieces you want me to cut.


Cutting custom pieces takes time to setup the machine and program in each piece manually.  Once I've setup the machine for custom cuts, it takes less time to enter a few more pieces.  To reflect this, I'm offering several options to get more custom pieces while amortizing the setup costs.

Single Piece:  The setup cost is $30, then you pay for each piece to be cut.  So one custom-cut piece is $30 + $12.95 ~ $43.

4 Pieces: The setup time is roughly the same for one piece as it is for 4 pieces, so you can order 4 custom pieces for $30 + (4 * $12.95) ~ $82 ($20.50 ea).

20 Pieces: Finally, if you have me at the machine long enough I can also optimize the order I cut the pieces, saving a lot of programming time. That comes to (3 * $30) + (20 * $12.95) ~ $350 ($17.50 ea).

30 of the SAME Piece: Of course, if you're ordering a bunch of the SAME piece, I can use my robot to automate the process of feeding the parts, so the price drops significantly.  This is the "wholesale" price; 30 of the SAME piece at 40% off = $30 + (30 * $12.95 * 0.60) ~ $263 ($8.75 ea).

About the Pieces:

We have designed our burr pieces to interoperate not just with the other pieces in the puzzle you purchase, but with ANY piece we produce in the same series!  This means you can start your collection with a single burr puzzle, and add individual pieces or entire sets later, assured they will all fit together.

The pieces in this listing are all "6 mm series" pieces, which means each little 'cubie' is nominally 6 mm center-to-center.  These are length-6 pieces, so their approximate total size is 0.5" (12 mm) wide and 1.5" (36 mm) long.

"FIT"-NESS GUARANTEE : If you order pieces from us for the same series (even years apart!) and they don't interoperate, you can return them and we will repair or replace the pieces free of charge.  Your collection can grow at YOUR pace.

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